Mr. R. P. Mishra

Mr. R. P. Mishra, with experience of 31 year in Oil and Lubricant industry, and holding designation of Managing Director of the company with office of Chief Executive Officers Key Managerial Person of the company.
1989 - 1996:- Ventron Chemicals Ltd. (7 Years)
1996 – 2008:- Silvan Chemicals Pvt Ltd. As a Director 12 Years
2008 – 2018:- Velocity Lubricants Silvassa as a Proprietor (10 Years)
2017- Till: - Blue Ocean Industries (Maxpro Lubricants) silvassa as a Proprietor

He has varied knowledge of Oil and Lubricant technologies, and looking entire production and planning of the enterprise. He has strong knowledge of Production and fund management of company to operate working capital cycle of the business at optimum level. He is looking entire public relation, Legal, Financial, Operations, and customer orders to provide best services on behalf of the company.